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University of Chester hosts Sustainable Travel Relaunch event to promote green travel


The University of Chester’s Sustainability Unit is hosting a Sustainable Travel Relaunch event to promote and showcase the various ways that students and staff can “think green” when travelling to classes.

The event will focus on raising awareness of the sustainable transport options available for staff and students in and around Chester.

Attendees will be able to visit the journey planner station where they can find support to help them plan the best way to travel to campus via sustainable modes. Staff and students will also be able to take part in an active travel tour, which will showcase the key active travel facilities around campus including the updated changing rooms and bike store.

The Sustainable Travel Relaunch event forms part of a wider focus by the University to support students and staff in travelling sustainably by making environmentally friendly travel options more accessible.

This includes the University of Chester’s investment into making travelling by bike safer for students by providing new bike storage and the creation of multiple ‘fix it stations’, equipped with tyre pumps and other useful tools.

Furthermore, to help reduce CO2 emissions around the campus, the University is also encouraging students and staff to take advantage of the Council’s Park and Ride scheme as well as other forms of public transport that are well connected with university sites.

During the event, attendees will also have the opportunity to feedback on their ideas to help make sustainable travel even more accessible.

The event will run from 9am to 12pm outside of the Grosvenor Bike Store and Changing Room at Exton Park, where free tea and coffee will also be provided..  Organisations expected to be in attendance include Bren Bikes, Green Chester, Chester Cycle Campaign and Chester Wheelers.

Tamara Hunt, Sustainability Manager at the University of Chester, said: 

“We are looking forward to welcoming students and staff from across the University to our exciting event to help them learn all about the different ways we are investing in accessible sustainable travel. 

“These important investments form part of the wider work we have been undertaking to ensure our campuses remain a symbol of our University’s commitment to sustainability. 

“By creating opportunities for our staff and students to be part of our work to reduce the overall impact we are having on the planet, we are able to encourage a sense of collective responsibility and pride in the action we are taking to protect the environment.” 

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