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2030 Vision: How technology will transform the way we work

Roger James Hamiton, CEO and Founder of Genius Group shares his top predictions

This year we have seen huge demonstrations of how rapid technological advancement is shaping the world of work. Robots are replacing many manual labour jobs, the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence are colliding. Whether it’s through gaming or personalised virtual experiences, the way we interact is completely digital, a notable example being Roblox. The result of this will see a completely transformed job market in 2030, as customer service-type jobs will not be carried out by people. 

Other trends will also emerge, and my top 4 for 2023 are below: 

  1. Skills Shift

As certain jobs transfer out of people’s hands, their skills must adapt. Digital skills have been outlined as crucial for getting a job in this era of technology. Employers have reported a skills shortage which is why more training needs to be integrated in higher education so that those starting out or changing careers aren’t left behind. As the change is fast and frequent, an upskilling and reskilling programme must be introduced so that companies and employees can keep up with the market and transition seamlessly into new areas. Education platforms perform as a vital tool to help ease companies into tech-centric roles and re-engage their team. Harnessing people’s business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit or academic flair will be important for companies so that they can identify employees’ talents and elevate them as the online and offline world becomes increasingly synchronised.

  1. Company Values

It has been proven that a company that has a clear set of values and desire to help the world, for example committing to one or more of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, such as ending poverty and hunger, increases productivity and employee-retention. The 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: The Belief-Driven Employee report found the pandemic has raised the bar for employers. Personal empowerment and social impact was equivalent to advancement and salary raises as must-haves for employees, with social impact increasing to 71 percent. Focusing solely on profit goals does little to benefit a company in the long-term. Issues such as climate change, poverty, education and sustainability are a key concern for many. Therefore, an emphasis on community support and personal development will in turn illustrate the value of employees. Companies need to look at what they can do for others more holistically and help future generations to thrive.

  1. Social and Economic Climate

Another type of climate companies will need to continue to pay attention to is the social and economic climate. Figuring out new ways to promote equality and equity in disadvantaged areas will remain a priority for companies. Education plays a huge role in this, encouraging empathy and understanding. This can be combined with technology to reach people all over the world and make business leaders aware of marginalised groups and their challenges. Finally, the longest recession ever is predicted in the UK and is already taking shape. Businesses must be proactive with their team and establish a plan to meet any issues.

  1. Digital Currencies and Metaverse 

Crypto currency and NFTs have emerged as a viable option for businesses and consumers. Since remote working became a possibility, the metaverse has positioned itself as an avenue for networking, team building, collaboration and socialisation through creating avatars and hosting virtual spaces. These strategies aim to increase engagement and create new opportunities. By 2030 we will see more companies adopt these practices and take advantage of digital purchasing with things like digital land to improve work culture and merge with new technology.


About the Author

Roger James Hamilton is a New York Times bestselling author and Founder and CEO of Genius Group (NYSEAM: GNS), a multi-million dollar group of companies, headquartered in Singapore, which currently includes companies such as GeniusU, Entrepreneurs Institute, Entrepreneur Resorts, Education Angels, E-Squared Education, Property Investors Network and the University of Antelope Valley., Genius Group has an acquisition plan to add in further acquisitions in 2022 to the Group. GeniusU is an Edtech company and platform providing over 4 million students and users with personalised learning paths and a platform used by partners to share their learning through customized learning journeys. GeniusU attracts 7,500 new students to join GeniusU each week, starting with the entrepreneur quiz to identify their path to wealth and find their next step to take right now. Genius Education Angels and E-Squared Education provide education courses for young people from 0 to 25 years old. Entrepreneurs Institute, Property Investors Network and the University of Antelope Valley provide adult training courses for 25 to 100 years old, and Entrepreneur Resorts is a market-leading group of entrepreneur-focused luxury resorts and lodges, beach clubs and city co-working hubs, offering business leaders professional educational retreats in exotic destinations around the world. Entrepreneur Resorts holds destinations in Singapore, Bali and South Africa and soon the U.S., and has license holders launching properties in the UK, U.S. and Greece. Entrepreneur Resorts will be expanding this year by adding on further properties and license holders. Roger is also the creator of Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics and Impact Dynamics profiling tools, used by millions of entrepreneurs to find and follow their flow.

About Genius Group

Genius Group is a world-leading entrepreneur Edtech and education group, with a mission to disrupt the current education model with a student-centered, life-long learning curriculum that prepares students with the leadership, entrepreneurial and life skills to succeed in today’s market. The group has over 2.9 million students in 200 countries, ranging from ages 0 to 100. The group includes four pre-IPO companies (the “Pre-IPO Group”), and four companies that were acquired at the time of or shortly after the IPO (the “IPO Acquisitions”).

The entrepreneur education system of our Pre-IPO Group has been delivered virtually and in-person, in multiple languages, locally and globally mainly via the Pre-IPO Group’s AI-powered, personalized GeniusU Edtech platform to adults seeking to grow their entrepreneur and leadership skills.

The Pre-IPO Group includes Genius Group, GeniusU, Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts. This group of entrepreneur education companies has grown through organic growth and acquisitions, with a focus on adding value to each company through GeniusU, which is being developed to provide AI-driven personal recommendations and guidance for each student. The Pre-IPO Group is now expanding its education system to age groups beyond its current adult audience, to children and young adults. The four IPO Acquisitions are the first step towards this. They include: Education Angels, which provides early learning in New Zealand for children from 0-5 years old; E-Square, which provides primary and secondary school education in South Africa; University of Antelope Valley, which provides vocational certifications and university degrees in California, USA; and Property Investors Network, which provides property investment courses and events in England, UK and Revealed Films Inc., which launches docu-series covering topics such as wealth building, health and nutrition, medical issues, religion, and political matters in Utah, USA.

Genius Group’s plan is to combine the education programs of the IPO Acquisitions with its current education programs and Edtech platform as part of one lifelong learning system, and it has selected these acquisitions because they already share aspects of the Genius curriculum and its focus on entrepreneur education.

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