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Fastest growing ESG Consultancy, Longevity Partners, announces largest round of promotions to date

40 staff promoted globally by Longevity Partners  

Longevity Partners has promoted 40 members of staff in July 2022, their largest round of promotions to date. Longevity is also adjusting salaries and benefits across the company to attract and retain the best talent, appointing more than 70 experts across its global offices since January 2022.

Founded in 2015, Longevity Partners supports business globally in the transition to a low carbon economy. Emerging as the fastest-growing ESG advisory firm in 2021 (Financial Times), Longevity Partners has expanded their small team of 28 in 2020, to 170 over 9 offices world-wide.

Along with global expansion, Longevity Partners is focusing on high retention rates, improving employee wellbeing and diversity, work satisfaction and personal growth.  Increasing salaries and promotions show their commitment to rewarding employees for their exceptional work and loyalty.

Longevity Partners wants to be a leader in employee wellbeing, whilst ensuring the company provides equal opportunities to the best talent across the market, setting up all their staff for success. Jehona Hoxha, Longevity Partners’ Global Head of Human Resources, plays a hugely important role in the company’s business and growth plans.  She makes sure that diversity, inclusion and well-being targets are just as important as their climate and financial targets.   

Jehona is the driving force behind Longevity’s introduction of a large variety of employee benefits, ranging from free online learning, staff wellbeing programmes, critical illness covers and annual discretionary bonuses, to the implementation of a 7% 401k retirement savings plan and employee health insurance that includes mental health assistance in the US.

Longevity Partners’ global expansion is attributable to its robust three-tiered growth strategy. The first tier involves the continuous development and refinement of its services to meet all their client demands and maintain their ability to act as a one-stop-shop for all their needs. Second, Longevity Partners continues to expand its geographical presence with offices in strategic regions around the globe so they can serve their clients wherever they and their projects are located.  The final prong of its growth strategy rests in the hiring and training for deep technical expertise that is increasingly in demand across the industry. The final element cannot be achieved without the transformation Jehona has spearheaded.

In the past year, Jehona Hoxha has implemented a leading HRM system, created a functional training platform and framework, and developed a robust and competitive employee benefit program.

Jehona Hoxha said:

“As the Global Head of HR, I am thrilled about this latest development. Longevity has always been concerned about employee motivation and productivity and these new salaries and promotions are part of a 7-year career framework we built to promote organic growth and staff development.”

 “Every employee wants to get ahead, grow, and develop in their careers. It has been rightly said that the biggest incentive for employees, second to pay, is opportunities for growth, training, and development. I have formulated strategies and put measures in place to facilitate employee participation, engagement, and advancement.”

 “The dedication and commitment of our global team has resulted in exceptional results for our clients and growth for the company. This new and major salary adjustment is a way to reward our hardworking employees for their contributions and their unending commitment to ensure our clients are satisfied, our culture remains rugged, and our business remains sound and flourishing,” Jehona Hoxha concluded.

Etienne Cadestin, Founder and Global CEO said:

“I am very proud of our team for everything they have done in the last two years, and delighted to announce our largest round of promotions ever. Longevity is a place where everyone can work hard and be rewarded for their positive impact.”

 “I am also delighted to announce that we have recalibrated all salaries across all jurisdictions where we operate to comparatively match the remuneration levels of top consultancy firms and address inflation issues.

“Personally, I want Longevity to become the most attractive ESG advisory firm to work for, so we’ve implemented programmes to make that happen and bring on board the talents our clients deserve”

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