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Ian Barratt appointed Institute of Career Guidance CEO

At one of the most challenging times for the careers profession, the Institute of Career Guidance (ICG) has appointed Ian Barratt as its new chief executive.

Announcing his appointment, Barratt, whose previous roles include CEO of the Institute of Management Consultancy and deputy general secretary at the Association of Chief Police Officers, was quick to point out the importance of the careers professionals’ work.

“The challenge is an exciting one,” he said.

“Unemployment is rising and competition for university places is intense. Adults and young people will need expert guidance from professionals in their field more than ever. At the same time members need to be confident that their professional body is fighting for their interests and taking a strong lead – and I am looking forward to taking on that role.

“Recent statements that personalised career guidance to young people can be replaced by access to websites and helplines career guidance misses the point. Government and others need to understand the amazing work that careers professionals do and we need to demonstrate the value they create.”
ICG President Steve Higginbotham commented: “Ian’s experience as a manager and leader will be invaluable to the Institute. He has clear ideas on how the profession should develop and the skills to address the considerable challenges ahead.”

Apostolos Kostoulas

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