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What does a General Election year mean for FE and skills?  FE Soundbite Edition 728

soundbite 13/01/24

Welcome to FE Soundbite Edition 728, January 13th 2024: What does a General Election year mean for FE and skills?

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Our top three leadership pieces this week

1What does a General Election year mean for FE and skills? Prof Tom Bewick, Chief Executive at Ecctis, wrote a comprehensive article about his predictions for the main political party’s manifestos this election year!

2 – Can teaching students life-long skills prepare them for the digitalised world beyond the classroom? By Nicola Pearce, Head of Education at BenQ, discusses how and why teaching students life-long skills can and will prepare them for the upcoming 4th industrial revolution.

3People Productivity: How to Build Highly Effective Teams in the Workplace By Jane Knight, Founder of Successful Mums Career Academy explores key strategies to nurture productivity, enhance motivation, and encourage staff retention.

This week, we have also had some other epic exclusives:

What’s New in the World of FE?

Science, Research, and Innovation Minister Andrew Griffith has initiated a call for evidence on this initiative as of today, January 13th. Mathematics experts are encouraged to contribute to the formation of a National Academy of Mathematical Sciences, aimed at enhancing the country’s skills and boosting economic growth.

Each month, we find our Top Three most popular articles on FE News. This month was a busy one as we all broke up for the holiday season, but that didn’t stop our winners: Chair Nichola Hay, Steven Spence & Kerry Boffey.

FE Voices this week

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s soundbite. Now that you’re all caught up on what’s going on in the FE Sector this week, we hope you have a restful weekend!

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