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EDHEC ranked in the world’s top 3 business schools for Finance by the Financial Times

EDHEC Business School has consolidated its standing in the Financial Times global ranking of the best pre-experience Masters in Finance.

The Financial Times once again rates EDHEC in the top three worldwide, thereby confirming the School’s global leadership and excellence in finance.

“Today’s ranking once again places EDHEC among the top three business schools worldwide for finance, cementing our leadership among the best global institutions”, underlines Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School.

The result further confirms EDHEC’s international high-impact strategy on the global finance industry and its status as the go-to academic institution in the field. Scientific Beta, EDHEC-Risk Institute and EDHEC’s cutting-edge finance programmes are perfect illustrations of this strategy in practice.

Scientific Beta, the supplier of smart-beta indices set up by the EDHEC-Risk Institute in 2012, produces and commercialises indices constructed from methodologies originating from EDHEC research. Numerous investors and asset managers around the world use these indices. Scientific Beta has signed partnership agreements allowing large asset managers to list managed-risk financial products (ETFs) replicating Scientific Beta indices on the London, Milan, Frankfurt, Paris and New York markets. As of 31 December 2017, Scientific Beta indices served as benchmarks for $25 billion of long-term investments.

EDHEC-Risk Institute (ERI) has teamed up with Princeton University (Operations Research and Financial Engineering Department -ORFE) and the Yale School of Management (SOM) in order to better cater to financial industry expectations.

Deepening its commitment in favour of finance that benefits society, EDHEC has teamed up with the department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University to develop innovative research projects, training and tools of real practice use for the industry. One tangible product of this collaboration was this May’s launch by EDHEC-Risk Institute and Princeton of a Goal-Based Investing Index Series designed to serve as benchmarks for a new-generation of investment solutions for pensions, an initiative that caps the joint research efforts conducted in this area with the support of Merrill Lynch.

In parallel, ERI and Yale SOM have also trained since 2013 over 560 participants through a Certificate in Risk and Investment Management that equips them to handle tomorrow’s challenges in the financial industry.

EDHEC’s third-place ranking underscores the excellence of its portfolio of finance programmes.

This latest Financial Times ranking once again distinguishes EDHEC’s Master of Science in Financial Markets. The criteria analysed by the Financial Times, notably via a questionnaire sent to EDHEC graduates, coincide with the pillars underpinning the programme, namely excellence in education and diversity of student experience, graduate career satisfaction and development, and international exposure (“alumni career progress”, “school diversity” and “international experience and research” in FT terminology). EDHEC’s student placement performance confirms the recognition earned by the programme over time, with EDHEC ranked first among French institutions in the ranking of the top schools worldwide for jobs in investment banking and displaying a strong track record year-after-year of placing graduates of the programme with top financial institutions (BofAML, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, Barclays, Glencore, Lazard, Morgan Stanley, Pimco, Rothschild & Cie, UBS, etc.).

EDHEC is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its PhD in Finance this year. This doctoral programme prepares students for academic careers and the highest responsibilities in the financial industry. It applies an innovative pedagogical format that responds to the demands of top executives and attracts graduates from Wharton, Hong Kong University, Stanford and MIT, keen to join an exceptional programme with a strong reputation for both excellence and industry pertinence.

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