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Future-proofing student residences: Using technology to improve student wellbeing

Going to university is a really exciting time, filled with the promise of taking the first steps into a world filled with new-found independence, new friends and new experiences.

As with any big change, it can also be stressful and unsettling, and many young students can find themselves feeling a little lost. However, with a bit of TLC and some forward planning, it is possible to minimise the impact on young peoples’ mental health and wellbeing.

In December 2018, Glide released the Smart Block 2020 white paper, outlining a vision for future-proofing student residences.

Technology plays an important role in creating happier, healthier and safer students, as well as cohesive communities, and investing in a future-proofed infrastructure today ensures the property stays relevant and competitive and that it will be a place that future generations of students will want to live in.

Keeping in contact

For many young people, university means moving away from their support network, which when paired with the fact that more than 50% of UK students experience homesickness within the first term at university, means that they will want to make sure that they can connect with friends and family as soon as they move in.

With fast pervasive Wi-Fi, students are connected from the moment they step into the building, giving peace of mind to anxious new students.

The perfect study environment

The number one benefit delivered by the Smart Block is environment monitoring for better cognitive behaviour. Research papers like the Stoddard Review have established a firm link between the environment, cognitive behaviour and wellbeing, concluding that there is a 2 to 3.5% improvement in productivity by maintaining an optimum study environment*.

Dreamy sleeping conditions

It’s a well-known fact that we all need our beauty sleep, but it’s also really important for good mental health. Smart Block can regulate temperatures to make sure rooms are at the optimum temperature so every new student catches their 40 winks, leaving them refreshed and full of vim every morning.

Personalised room settings

An added benefit is that the heating can be controlled using smart phones and smart thermostats, allowing individuals to personalise their environments for maximum comfort.

In addition to regulating temperatures, Smart Block also enables operators to monitor the environment, including carbon monoxide levels, contaminants and volatile organic compounds. Better air quality means happier, healthier students.

*Improving Indoor Air Quality improves the Performance of Office Work and School Work, P. Wargocki 2005 & The Workplace Advantage – The Stoddard Review 2018.

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