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How UCAS is transforming the visibility of apprenticeships

In October 2023, UCAS officially added apprenticeship vacancies to its website so that students can consider them as an option alongside degrees. This has had a transformative impact on the visibility of apprenticeship vacancies, which are now listed alongside traditional higher education to UCAS’s 1.5 million active website users.

Anyone using the universities and colleges admission service’s “hub”, now sees relevant available apprenticeships when they search for a type of course, including the employer, training provider, level, qualifications needed for the course, closing date and salary. Not only is this increasing the visibility of available apprenticeship vacancies, but it is also helping to give apprenticeships the same prestige as traditional university degrees. Parity of search will further drive parity of credibility for apprenticeship programmes.

These changes have come at the right time as UCAS predict that by 2030 there will be over one million applicants for university places each year, outstripping the number of places available. Furthermore, of UCAS’s active users, 40% have stated that they are interested in apprenticeships. This not only demonstrates that young adults are open to alternative routes of higher education but makes available a huge pool of potential skilled workforce that UCAS could help to develop.

Here are some of the exciting developments that prospective apprentices and employers will see on

  • Advice and guidance on apprenticeships
  • A Careers Quiz to help identify options
  • Industry Guides
  • Employer profiles (these are free for businesses for the first twelve months)
  • Apprenticeship Vacancy Boards for early careers with free basic listings
  • API’s between the UCAS website and the Find An Apprenticeship website to ensure Department for Education and UCAS always list the same vacancies
  • Training courses and resources aimed at schools and colleges
  • Support for parents in understanding apprenticeships


  • Next-year, Apprenticeship Application Forms will sit alongside University Degree Application forms, and UCAS will use their transferable best practice to help young adults increase the quality of their application forms
  • UCAS will be introducing an Apprenticeship Clearing Service to offer unsuccessful applicants alternative employers who offer equally great opportunities

First Intuition is delighted to be working alongside UCAS as they roll out their revolutionary apprenticeship services, resources and features. UCAS has entrusted First Intuition as the sponsor for their Apprenticeships in Accountancy and Finance Industry Guide. This means young adults interested in an apprenticeship in accountancy and finance will first see First Intuition’s information and resources directed through the UCAS website.

We hope will further spread the message about the huge importance of apprenticeships to many employers in the sector. You can find the guide here.

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