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Tameside College Public Services Students on the beat at police museum

Public services students at Tameside College delved into the history of crime and punishment at the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) museum recently.

Fifteen students took a trip to the historic police station and courtroom near the Northern Quarter to see the array of equipment on display and learn about the evolution of the force.

Its volunteers, who are all ex-police officers, delivered a guided tour of the different exhibits in full traditional uniform and told of their experiences in the force.

The GMP museum originally opened in 1981 and now includes a large collection of police vehicles, uniforms, documents and other related items. It also houses a real 19th century police station complete with cells and even an original courtroom.

Andrew Dixon, teacher in public services at Tameside College, said: “A high proportion of public services students go into the police force, so it’s important that they learn the history of their potential future employers. Overall they had a great time and the volunteers did a great job of making it feel as real as possible. Thank you to the museum for taking the time to show us around.”

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