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Plymouth musician Chloe Wykes shares her experience of returning to education as an adult

Plymouth musician, Chloe Wykes, has spoken to Access Creative College (ACC) about her experience studying an Access to Higher Education course at the college’s local centre.

Chloe has been passionate about music for a long time, and has decided to return to education to study a degree and to get support in preparing an EP, due for release in June 2023.

There are a number of reasons why people return to education. A higher level qualification can boost an existing career, a more modern, up to date skillset or even the first steps towards a new career. Access to Higher Education is a unique prospect, providing flexibility and more personalised support. Access Creative College offers a number of Access to Higher Education programmes nationally, including two music courses in Plymouth. 

Image of Chloe Wykes

Chloe said “Access to Higher Education offered a soft and financially viable way to re-enter education and an opportunity for me to learn and finesse my skill within a specific subject area before going on to University. The commitment, expectations and goals felt manageable with my other responsibilities. 

Access to HE seemed well suited to support this reemerging mother-with-a-lot-to-juggle who’s got big ideas. The course is condensed into two days, which means I can easily balance education, family and work. We’re a class of mature students, so there’s an eclectic mix of backgrounds and influences and a mutual understanding of the responsibilities we each have.

I felt much more ready to go back to education, compared to studying earlier on in life. I have so much more clarity on what I am doing and what I want to achieve. Applying myself and committing to the course is much easier, and I find the academic elements a lot more approachable.

I’ve learned so much and feel empowered and excited to produce electronic music. My learning style is well suited to ACC, with my new knowledge being applied in a focused and creative environment. Additionally, I love that there’s so much support between classes from tutors. I’ve always wanted to study music but I was worried that I wasn’t good enough because my skills weren’t honed and tastes were too eclectic. Access to HE has been a nice ramp for me, helping to boost my self-confidence in my artistic ability and vision. 

I’ll continue to study from here, refining my skills and making my music. I’m also relaunching my online presence to present myself as an independent vocalist and producer. The networks I have made here with students and staff will continue to help me support my career development for years to come.

My advice to anyone considering Access to HE is go for it! Learning as an adult is such a pleasure. I am constantly learning and reinventing parts of myself, and love having time for me and my own development.” 

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