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Five Popular Careers for Bilinguals

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We all know that speaking multiple languages has its benefits, especially when it comes to overcoming language barriers on holiday. But a lot of people don’t realise just how many jobs you might be ineligible to apply for if you are not fluent in more than one dialect.

Ukrainian startup Preply realises the opportunities that arise for a person as a direct result of learning a new language are huge. The digital learning platform has over 32,000 tutors of more than 200 nationalities, and was established with the aim of making languages more accessible and easier to learn. Today, thousands of people use Preply to perfect their language skills, whether that’s in preparation for a holiday, practising for an exam, or to pursue a multilingual career.

Here are five popular careers for bilinguals:

  1. Interpreter

Interpreters must be fluent in the language of the person they are working with, as they often have to speak for them in important situations, such as understanding a medical diagnosis or buying a property.

  1. Translator

Written language skills are essential if you’re looking to pursue a career in translating. You must understand how one language transfers into another, not only grammatically, but culturally too.

  1. Hotel Manager

Language skills are extremely important in the hospitality industry, especially hotel management. Having multiple languages under your belt means you’ll be able to communicate effectively with the various people of different nationalities that visit your establishment.

  1. Foreign Language Teacher

An obvious entry, but speaking a second language means you can ultimately go on to share this knowledge with others who are looking to develop another dialect.

  1. International Travel Coordinator

You’ll need to be able to speak multiple languages to pursue a career as a travel coordinator. Customers will require someone with top-rate language skills to review documents and arrange travel and accommodation around the world.

Preply understands the ways in which language learning can improve so many aspects of a person’s life, including their career prospects. They recognise all of the additional benefits that come with speaking more than one language, and hope to provide as many people as possible with the tools to realise these benefits themselves.

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