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International student provision at Brockenhurst College OUTSTANDING – Ofsted

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International students studying at Brockenhurst College (@brockcollege) while living with local families under college supervision benefit from OUTSTANDING provision, an official report by Ofsted has stated.

The document detailed findings made by government inspectors during their three-day visit in February 2024, when they examined residential provision for international students under Brock’s Homestay programme.

The latest findings follow a separate college-wide inspection by Ofsted last November, which resulted in Brock being rated as GOOD in all areas.

During the February visit, Ofsted assessed the overall experiences and progress of young people, taking into account how well they are helped and protected.

Inspectors also probed the effectiveness of leaders and managers, with all elements found to be OUTSTANDING.

The report stated:

‘The college provides highly effective services that consistently exceed the standards of good. The actions of the college contribute to significantly improved outcomes and positive experiences for young people.’

It continued:

‘Physical and mental well-being is given high priority. There is a common understanding that, for learners to be able to learn effectively, they need to feel well. To support this, the college has developed a multi-disciplinary well-being team.’

At the time of the inspection, which was conducted under the social care common inspection framework, the college had 48 residential learners.

Brockenhurst College Principal, Helen Odhams, said:

“I am delighted that we have received an Ofsted judgement of outstanding for our international provision.

“International students are a valued part of both our college community and the broader Brockenhurst community, and this recognition reflects our staff’s unwavering commitment to providing top-quality education.”

As part of the assessment, Ofsted evaluated safeguarding measures across the whole college, which apply to all students, both international and those living permanently in the UK.

Brockenhurst College Safeguarding Lead, Steve Jenkin, said:

“We are very pleased that our provision has been recognised as outstanding.

“I wish to thank all members of staff and our Homestay hosts for their focus, diligence, vigilance, empathy and hard work in achieving this fantastic result.”

Meanwhile, Brockenhurst College International Manager, Paul Spanner, said:

“I want to extend my most sincere thanks to all our Homestay host families.

“Their support is essential to maintaining the high standard of provision available to our international community, and I encourage anyone in the local area who feels they can offer the same level of hospitality to explore our paid Homestay opportunities.”

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