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New Master’s Degree Aims to Shape the Next Generation of Leaders in Global Health Management

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Imperial College Business School aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge to undertake careers in the complex and fast-changing world of global healthcare, with the launch of a new master’s degree.

Commencing September 2024, the new MSc Global Health Management, is a redesign of Imperial’s previous MSc International Health Management programme, with changes made to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving global healthcare ecosystem and to cater to future global health leaders.

The new degree will broaden the scope beyond healthcare provision, to include increased exposure to global health challenges, leadership, sustainability and other complex factors that impact upon health.

The redesign of the degree programme reflects the wider work Imperial College London is doing to address the most pressing global health challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme will include a number of interdisciplinary elements and collaborations with Imperial’s School of Public Health and the Dyson School of Design Engineering.

Students will gain an important overview of the global health sector and how it interacts with others areas within technology and business, whilst also allowing students the opportunity to engage with global health initiatives through internships and projects.

After graduation, students will be equipped with the skills to pursue a broad range of careers in management within the NHS or in private healthcare, government and non-governmental organisations, innovation, entrepreneurship, data science and economics in relation to healthcare.

Professor Marisa Miraldo, Programme Director for the Global Health Management Masters programme says;

“The healthcare sector has experienced vast changes over the last few years – whether it be the impact of the COVID pandemic, the knock-on effects that the associated economic crisis had on health, or the opportunities that rapidly developing technologies enable for how we look after those in need,”

“The programme encompasses training for the next generation of professionals to address these global health challenges, with a broader focus on managing and preventing health issues that affect populations globally.”

The new programme is also designed to enable students to personalise their learning journey. Students will have the option to study three new concentrations; Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Management, and Economics and Data Science. Launched in response to current global health challenges and the need to prepare for future pandemics, shortages in medical care or the impact of new technologies on the healthcare sector, these specialisms will equip students to successfully develop new innovative solutions and start-ups, and provide the skills needed to leverage them to best effect.

Aram Karakashian, Executive Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions says;

“This revamped degree programme provides a more comprehensive learning experience, offering an extended exploration of global health challenges, leadership dynamics, sustainability considerations, and the intricate factors influencing health beyond conventional healthcare measures.”

Applications to join the first cohort are now open. For those interested in learning more about the programme, more information is available here

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