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Careers advice absent as children develop their career aspirations


School children explain their future career aspirations as the Institute of the Motor Industry highlights the need for a greater focus on apprenticeships

A new video from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), released ahead of the new school year, reveals that today’s generation of 11-year olds have some career aspirations that are very much part of the 21st century.  However, there are some that are probably not dissimilar to their grandparents’ expectations about their future jobs.

Top of the list for the boys interviewed was ‘footballer’.  However, the girls choices were more varied – from vet to human rights lawyer and even professional tennis player! Other career choices for the boys included a YouTuber and astrophysicist. 

When asked what their main motivation for achieving their dream job is, the future human-rights lawyer said that she wants people to be free and have justice for what they want, while the aspiring astrophysicist said that his Dad’s encouragement of him working in tech is his main motivation.

All of the children were asked if they had received any form of careers advice so far at school to which they all said they had not. However, it appears that the 11 year olds interviewed have clearly thought about what they want to do as a career and how they are going to work to get there with 8 out of the 11 asked saying they would like to go to university.

But what about the 3 children who do not wish to go to university? Alongside the video, the IMI has published new research based on teenagers and their parent’s thoughts on further education, apprenticeships and careers. The results show 84% of parents said they would choose university over an apprenticeship for their children, even though 61% admitted that they believe work experience is what employers look for in potential job applicants. Teenagers said they would choose to avoid the university debts and jump straight into work.

Steve Nash FIMI, Chief Executive at the IMI, said:

“Children will always have an idea in their head of what they want to do when they ‘grow-up’. I think it is vital to encourage them to voice their goals from an early age so that they can see for themselves the options available to them to work towards in the future, with the help and support of their teachers and parents.

“The number of young people receiving quality careers advice is worryingly low, so it is important parents and teachers are given more information on the opportunities available to their children. The motor industry has been surrounded by misconceptions for many years, but exciting developments in groundbreaking new technologies means that automotive is emphatically a high-technology sector and can offer a very broad range of exciting and rewarding careers.”

Research sample of 501 UK teens ages 11-15 and their parents conducted July 2017

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