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QDOOZ Addresses Global Life Skills Shortage

QDOOZ is a digital platform which is addressing the distinct gap in personal life skills education and training. After two years of research and development, QDOOZ secured corporate endorsements and partnerships with more than 10 of the UK’s largest Chartered Professional Membership organisations, reaching more than 1.5m potential members. Additionally, a partnership with UCAS Media will present QDOOZ to 1.5m UK university students.

With proprietary intellectual property (IP) and a clever, comprehensively researched business plan and a clear monetisation strategy, QDOOZ will launch in Q2 2019 to more than three million identified potential users. It will be free to access, with revenues generated via an “access all areas” premium subscription or an ad-driven, browse only, freemium membership.

QDOOZ, the unique one-stop solution platform to life skills improvement, has reached its initial £500,000 crowdfunding target in less than one week using the Crowdcube platform.

It will continue to raise up to another £1m in equity over the final three weeks of the crowdfunding campaign in its drive to launch the unique Life Skills app in mid 2019. Prior to Crowdcube, QDOOZ had raised £2.5 million from 50 private investors.

Once the Crowdcube fundraising is complete, QDOOZ will continue generating high-quality content that will enable a massive change in the workforce today.

Blogs, articles, and listicles, all in the form of easy-to-digest, bite-sized information pieces will allow QDOOZ users to spend time on personal development, where they will earn CPD points, which can then be shared with colleagues and potential employers, enhancing the experience on the platform, and with third parties. 

Founder and CEO, David CM Carter, commented,

“We’re delighted with our fundraising efforts, and look forward to completing at the end of December. We’re addressing big societal issues, such as the fact that 40% of current careers won’t exist in 10 years’ time. Life skills are the key to current and future job markets, yet there is no formal education or training currently addressing this. Our approach and technology is designed to help people develop desirable skills to benefit both employers and society.”

Life skills and qualities are highly sought after by employers and are seen as the passport to career success and fulfilment in life.

Created to help develop the soft skills needed for those wanting to improve the way they manage their lives, teaching you everything you don’t learn at school or university or in the workplace, the QDOOZ philosophy is simple; by having access to the largest database of support and actionable content available worldwide, members can proactively change and track progress via the platform.

Identifying the values, qualities and attributes that are current strengths and those members would like to either stop, start or improve. Members receive CPD points for engaging on the platform and receive QDOOZ rewards as they achieve each goal, thereby building a metric and presence and influence on the platform. Hundreds of skills are available to access via the QDOOZ platform, tailored to the particular needs of each individual.

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